Painting / Printing Precision

A6 Mouldings provide professional advise to ensure we match the correct colours and tints to match your requirements.

We work from colour charts and Pantone libraries to ensure we manufacture to the correct specifications and ensure the output of your product(s) match the brand and colour references you provide us.

Base colours for plastic are clear (PET, PETG, PCTG, PVC) or natural (HDPE, PP, PE). We can produce custom colours to suit your requirements.

Lens and pantone. Design and prepress concept

Accurate Colour Control

We are used to working with companies whose brand integrity is vital, adhering to specific colour guidelines to meet the demands on the project.

A6 Mouldings work to strict schedules and timescales, ensuring your project is delivery correctly, on time and on budget and matches your brand perfectly.

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