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Pad printing (also called tampography) is a printing process which allows us to transfer images/logos onto complex 3-D objects.

Pad printing is used for printing on difficult to print products the plastic manufacturing industry, as well as many others. It can also be used to deposit functional materials such as conductive inksadhesivesdyes and lubricants.

The ability to print on formerly unprintable surfaces has made it possible for us to apply your branding and logos to the most complex of parts. Contact us for more information on our pad printing services.

Pads are three-dimensional objects typically molded of silicone rubber. They function as a transfer vehicle, picking up ink from the printing plate, and transferring it to the part (substrate). They vary in shape and diameter depending on the application.

Image plates are used to contain the desired artwork “image” etched in its surface. Their function is to hold ink in this etched cavity, allowing the pad to pick up this ink as a film in the shape of the artwork, which is then transferred to the substrate.

Ink is used to mark or decorate parts. It comes in different chemical families to match the type of material to be printed (please consult the substrate compatibility chart for selection).

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