A6 Mouldings Insert / Over Moulding Service

We provide a rapid service for over moulding and insert moulding, producing custom prototypes and on-demand production. We use aluminium moulds that offer cost-efficient tooling, producing parts from a range of thermoplastic and liquid silicone rubber materials.


  • Production On-Demand
  • Pilot Runs
  • Bridge Tooling
  • Rapid Prototyping

Benefits of Overmoulding

Combine materials to provide complex characteristics, avoid assembly additional steps and improve strength and durability.

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Overmoulding reduces costs by eliminating secondary assembly operations, parts can attain a high degree of waterproofing and shock resistance, parts produced using overmoulding are tough, lightweight and chemical resistant.

The surface can be soft touch for handling or tough for durability, products are better insulated, aesthetically pleasing and sharp edges minimised or eliminated. Many components are suitable for overmoulding including sensitive electronics and cables.

Difference between Insert Moulding & OverMoulding


Overmolding is where we perform an injection mould over another substance. The term ‘soft-touch‘ is often used relating to comfort in form e.g adding a handle or grip to a product for example. OverMoulding is also used when parts require two or more injection moulds.
Insert Injection Molding:
This process includes an insert, which is placed into the injection mould before the injection moulding process begins. The Hot plastic material is then injected into the mould to fill the cavity surrounding the inserted component. Insert Moulding often results in stronger products since the insert helps add stability and strength without the need for multiple parts.
Both of these techniques are used to combine various components into a single product, saving cost on a multi-stage assembly in addition to improving part performance in addition to enabling increased flexibility in designs.

If you are unsure which process is best suited for your needs, contact A6 Mouldings directly to discuss the options.

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