Plastic Parts Labelling & Packing Options

In addition to providing a full Plastic Inject Moulding Manufacturing Solution, we can assist with the labelling and shipping requirements to suit your specific needs. Have a project in mind, which requires custom labelling and fulfilment?

Full Control over Design

The same design can be applied to multiple plastic products which we produce for you, to ensure brand integrity. Need to adjust the look and feel according to different products? No problem.

Get in touch with us directly to discuss your needs, we can surely provide a suitable solution.

The offset printing technique ensures high-resolution images. Besides, you can decorate all the sides of a container with one single label.

Labels resist changes in temperature and humid conditions. They are ideal for branding plastic containers used in refrigerated/frozen food products. The labels are hard wearing and suitable for the hard wearing situations.

In mould labelling is sensitive to the environment, ensuring all labels can be fully recycled.

Professional Branding with In-Mould Labelling

Do you need to ensure your plastic products maintain a professional look and feel? We can help with our in-mould labelling solutions.

Perfect for branding and required public information. Our labelling is scratch-proof and resilient for multiple purposes. Get in touch for more information.

In-Mould Labelling

The term ‘in mould labelling‘ relates to a technique where a preprinted label is inserted into a mould and which adapts to the shape of the mould.

In mould labelling can be done in the following production processes:

  • Injection moulding
  • Blow moulding
  • Thermoforming

Watch the Video

Check out the Arburg Video on in-mould labelling processes.

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